Thứ Bảy, 28 tháng 11, 2015

Extra Tall Baby Gate – Is It What You Need?

While regular baby gates are work great for most all families there are occasions when you may need an extra tall baby gate. Here's a closer look at their differences and whether or not you should have an extra tall baby gate.

The standard baby gate from any manufacturer is 23-36 inches tall. That's fine in most cases, but if you have a tall baby or an active toddler who enjoys climbing everything in sight, a taller gate is a must have. Many extra tall baby gates go up to 39-42 inches high, making them extremely safe for any child. One of the better tall safety gates is the Summer Infant Sure And Secure Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, but there are also a few others on the market that work nicely as well. (You can find reviews of these various gates on our site.)

One of the other main considerations you will want to make before purchasing any gate is the features.

Does it have what you need in a gate?

Features such as a one-hand opening make it nice when you are carrying your child or a basket of clothes, etc. Another great feature is an automatic close mechanism. This works well and gives you peace of mind in knowing the gate will always be closed. Many accidents happen when a parent mistakenly believes the gate is closed when in fact someone forgot to shut it.

Something else to look for is a baby gate that swings in or out in both directions. This can be very handy, but be sure that if you use a gate like this around stairs that it does not swing out over the actual steps. Finally, many people argue over whether a metal gate is better than a wooden baby gate. The truth is that they both make great choices and both are equally as safe. It all comes down to a personal decision and not a safety one. The bottom line is to get the type and style of gate that meets your specific needs, and if you have a taller baby you will want to be sure to get an extra tall baby gate for your home.